Newspaper Accounts


Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, "The War Crime Trials at Nuremberg"
Extensive collection of documents, images, oral histories, and lesson plans.

Federal Research Division: The Complete Records of the Major War Criminals Trial
"This 42-volume series, also known as 'The Blue Series,' is the official record of the trial of the major civilian and military leaders of Nazi Germany who were accused of war crimes. Each volume is a separately linked PDF file. Volume twenty-three provides both chronological and subject indexes of the proceedings. Additional volumes contain various exhibits and documents, including correspondence, affidavits, and interrogations."

Military Legal Records, Transcripts for the Twelve Subsequent Trials at Nuremberg

Miscellaneous Links

John Q. Barrett, Review of TNT's four-hour video presentation, "Nuremberg" (2000).

The Nuremberg trials: The Defendants and Verdicts

Cybrary of the Holocaust

Cybrary of the Holocaust -- Witnesses

Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz and the Nuremberg Trial

The Nuremberg Race Laws

The History Place: World War II in Europe


Witnesses to Nuremberg

University of Connecticut, Oral History Office, Projects of Interest

Another interesting site in French, see bottom of page

Teacher's guide to the Holocaust

International Military Tribunal - Blue Series

Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

HistoryNet: Nuremberg Trial

Documents from Yale University's Avalon Project

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Mobile killing squads

Jewish Life in Europe before the Holocaust

Charter, indictment, verdict

Doctor Trials

The Doctors Trial

Doctors sentances

Permissible Medical Experiments

State Medical Services of the Third Reich

Opening statement of the prosecution by Brigadier General Telford Taylor, 9 December 1946. [excerpts]

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Doctors Trial 

A victim of medical experiments, who appeared as a prosecution witness at the Doctors Trial. Nuremberg, Germany, December 22, 1946.

Harvard Law School's Nuremberg Site

Who Was Who in Nazi Germany

Thirteen Nuremberg Trials


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