anna    roan1     RitaNettiefbi     W E Smith    

L to R/ Top to B: Anna Brown, Henry Roan, Rita Smith, Nettie Brookshire, William Smith

Murder Scenes

annaravine     smithhouse

L to R: Ravine where Anna Brown's body was recovered; Smith home in Fairfax after the explosion that killed its three occupants


ernestburkhart     hale    haleramsey2      bryanburkhart    johnramseymug

L to R/ Top to B: Ernest Burkhart, William Hale, Hale and John Ramsey, Bryan Burkhart, John Ramsey (mugshots)

The Investigation and Trial

jedgar2    whitehoover     johnburger      roystlouis   

L to R/ Top to B: Director J. Edgar Hoover, Tom White and Hoover, Agent John Burger, Prosecutor Roy St. Louis

HaleOklahomanArch      halejail

Hale leaving court; Hale at jail.

Osage Nation

AR 311279945

Gathering on steps of the Osage Indian Agency in Pawhuska in late 1920s (Griggs collection).

    councilusofficials1921 23

dancehallgrayhorse    osageauto


Osage tribal leaders meet with President Coolidge in Washington DC in 1924.

   osageoil     Osage Cartoon