Map 1: Map showing (1) Tower of London (imprisonment site), (2) Tower Hill (beheading site), and (3) London Bridge (where authorities placed More's head on pole)

Map 2: Map showing (1) Lambeth Palace (where More first interrogated), (2) Blackfriars (where Parliament met in 1523 when More served as speaker), (3) Lincoln's Inn (where More studied law), (4) Furnivall's Inn (where More taught law from 1503-1506), (5) St. Paul's Cathedral (Fr. Colet, close friend of More, was dean), (6) Crosby Hall (More leased home in 1523, but soon sold it), (7) The Barge (More's first home) and St. Stephen's (parish church where More married and worshipped), (8) Guildhall (municipal center where More served as under-sheriff and handled city business), (9) More's birthplace on Milk Street, (10) London Bridge (where More's impaled head was placed after execution), (11) Tower of London (where More was imprisoned in 1534-35), (12) Tower Hill (where More was beheaded), (13) Westminster (where More was tried).