(According to Eliot Asinof's disputed account in Eight Men Out)

Chick Gandil hatches plan to throw Series.
Gandil tries to sell Ed Cicotte on his idea.
Cicotte agrees to join fix for $10,000 paid before Series.
Gandil begins recruiting other Sox players to join fix.
Sept. 10:
Gandil meets with gambler Sport Sullivan and asks for $80,000 to throw series.
Attell tells big-time gambler Arnold Rothstein of the Burns' proposal.  Rothstein turns down idea at first.
Sept. 23:
Burns and another gambler, Billy Maharg, meet with Abe Attell in hopes of raising cash for fix.
Cicotte and Gandil meet with Burns and tell him they will throw Series for $100,000.
Gambler Sleepy Burns discusses a possible fix with Cicotte.
Sept. 21:
7 Sox players meet in hotel room to hear Gandil's proposal.
Burns and Maharg meet with Rothstein, but again Rothstein refuses to fund the fix.
Attell inaccurately, as part of a scheme of his own, tells Burns that Rothstein has reconsidered and will fund the fix after all.
Sept. 26:
Sport Sullivan meets with Rothstein, and this time A. R. is convinced to provide backing for the fix.
Sept. 29:
Sullivan and Rothstein's representative, Nat Evans, meet with Gandil and 5 other players.  Evans says he'll get back to them after talking "with associates."
The players are divided: Williams says "no" to fix, Jackson demands $20,000--who knows what Weaver thinks?
Gandil puts $10,000 in Cicotte's hotel room under his pillow.
Sullivan bets $30,000 of the $40,000 intended for players on the Reds.  He gives $10,000 to Gandil.
Evans gives $40,000 to Sullivan, expecting he will deliver it all to the players.
Rothstein bets $270,000 on Cincinnati Reds to win the Series, dropping the odds.
Rothstein gives $40,000 to Evans to take to players.  He says to promise other $40,000 at end of Series.
Word of possible fix spreads.  Odds on Series drop to even.
Gandil and Risberg bet on Reds to win Series.
Burns and Atell meet with Sox players (Jackson does not attend). Gamblers promise $20,000 after each loss.
Some Sox players involved in fix agree to throw first three games, then win fourth.
October 1, 1919: The Series opens in Cincinnati. Sox lose game, 9 to 1.