Items discovered in Hinckley's wallet after the shooting:

A Texas driver's license
A Colorado identity card
A picture of Jodie Foster (from Esquire) dressed up as a coed and holding a basketball
A picture of Jodie Foster "looking like a model for a junior-high yearbook" [Caplan]
Three other photos of Foster
A card on which was printed the Second Amendment ("the right to bear arms")
A photo of Hinckley's nephew

Items discovered in Hinckley's room (#312) at the Park Central Hotel after the shooting:

A letter to Jodie Foster
A 1981 John Lennon calendar
Two suitcases
An empty box of Devestator (exploding) bullets
A box of normal (non-exploding) bullets
A variety of pills, including Valium, Surmontil, and Drixoral
A Band-Aid box containing a hijacking note ("This plane has been hijacked! I have a bomb...")
The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
The Skyjacker by David Hubbard
Welcome to Xanadu by Nathaniel Benchley
The Fox is Crazy Too by Eliot Asinof
Romeo and Juliet
The Fan by Bob Randall
Taxi Driver
Thirty-eight pages of Hinckley's own writings
An army fatigue jacket
Several wool lumberjack shirts
A postcard with a picture of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and a note to Jodie Foster--asking "You are a virgin, aren't you?"--on its other side